It is time for us to come together, move forward together, and rise together as a people sharing a common dream and common heritage. Freedom, tolerance, and compassion for all.

Now is the time to overcome the obstacles that prevent us from living in an America where our futures are determined by our imaginations. We can have education for all. We can have government by the people and for the people. We can support working families. We can have an America where we all belong.

It is time for a can-do Congressperson who works non-stop to break through the gridlock.

It is time for change.

It is time to believe.

It is time for progress.


Mom of five, attorney, civic leader, and author Michele Young is the Democratic candidate for Congress in Ohio's 1st District. Ms. Young, a first time candidate, publicly entered the race weeks before the March 15 primary election. Her Facebook announcement went viral and followed by the endorsements of dozens of Ohio leaders. To the surprise of many, Ms. Young managed to win every precinct against a well-funded opponent who had represented the party in the past Congressional contest.