Quarterly Fundraising Update - Young Exceeds $50k Goal in Second Quarter of 2016

The Michele Young for Congress campaign announced today that they have exceeded the campaign’s $50,000 fundraising goal in the second quarter of 2016. The successful efforts, featuring hundreds of individual donations, ensures that Michele's message will be spread across the district. Leaders across the nation are taking note. The momentum is building and the campaign thanks those in the First District who join us in believing in change. 

“We are truly amazed at the success of our fundraising efforts and we are certainly running a competitive campaign,” said campaign manager Susie Cioffi. “What we have done in a short time frame since entering the race on February 12th is remarkable. We swept all 505 precincts in the contested primary and garnered the endorsements of community leaders and unions. We are running a lean campaign based on the strength of the voters - unlike our opponent who relies on the funds of special interest funded super PACs.” Michele Young, a first-time candidate, is proud to have raised 86% of her contributions from individual Ohioans. Her opponent, Congressman Steve Chabot, received 77% of his contributions from PACs and out-of-state donors.

The Michele Young for Congress campaign has been working nonstop to make this race competitive. We have been at community events around the district engaging with thousands of voters. The vibrant message of creating a nation that works for all of us is resonating. The campaign thanks everyone for all the support it has received and will continue to work with the people of the district to finally bring Congressman Chabot home. It’s time for a real voice for the First District.