Why Michele Was Courted by Leading Strategists and Encouraged by the DCCC in 2018

Michele Young can win Ohio’s first Congressional seat. Michele is an attorney, community advocate and former candidate for this seat. In 2016 she received more votes than any Democrat had for this seat in almost two decades against Cincinnati icon.  Michele was considered such a long-shot that even the Enquirer would not print a story on the contest. The Democratic Party placed  its resources elsewhere. Even when the Ohio Democratic Party's own poll showed Michele within 11 points with weeks to go, there was no change in direction. Nonetheless, through word-of-mouth and a campaign led by a neighborhood mom, Michele Young won the early voting against Steve Chabot and narrowly lost in a campaign where she was wildly outspent.  2018 will be the year of the woman and by all accounts figures to be a blue wave year.  Michele would be the first woman in over 200 years to be the OH-1 Congresswoman.

OH-1 is a district that with the right candidate can be a Democratic pickup. It is the seat that have been rated by many pundits and political insiders to be the most likely to flip of all the Ohio Congressional seats and has the lowest Republican advantage of any seat in Ohio according to the Cook Political Report. This change in what was once viewed a solid red district happened because of the 2016 performance of this outsider, a mother of five who just wanted to serve the citizens in her district. This is why the DCCC encouraged Michele. It is also why every major Democrat has considered this run as career politicians want to build on what this mom of five began.  

Lake Research Partners finds Michele Young strongly positioned against incumbent Steve Chabot in 2018

A poll conducted by the respected polling firm Lake Research Partners  (which you can visit by clicking on the link above) completed in June of 2017-before the Blue Wave- shows Michele within single digits of Steve Chabot. Single digits! Striking distance.

We can win. Here is another reason why. 

In a typical gubernatorial year the district has 200,000 voters that come out to vote. Urban Hamilton County makes up 2/3 of the district and more suburban/rural county makes up the other 1/3. On average her opponent gets 110,000 and a Democratic challenger gets 90,000. This race comes down to moving a little over 5% or just over 10,000 voters to vote for Michele. In a change year, in the year of the woman-this is not only possible but with the right targeting and outreach entirely possible with a candidate who has already proven what she can do --and in 2016. 

Until Michele ran in 2016, this district was considered so safe that the local paper would not cover our campaign. She received more votes that any Democrat ever for this seat--except during the wave of 2008--and more votes than any Congressional candidate in a gerrymandered district in Ohio.  This is the year and the right candidate for this contest.

We have done our homework. We can win.

Michele lives, works, and lives in the OH-1 and has dedicated her life to serving our needs as a volunteer, a lawyer, an author, a children's volunteer coach, and a community leader. She has a record of getting things done and with across party lines. 

Steve Chabot is an almost 20-year Congressman who is out of touch with the women, the families, and our values. .Just in the last year Steve Chabot voted  to saddle future generations with a 1.5 trillion dollar debt, allow internet companies to sell customer’s browsing history, rolled back consumer financial protections, repealed a rule requiring some federal contractors to report labor workplace violations, repealed a clean water stream protection rule and and spent almost $400,000 taxpayer dollars  to travel to 46 countries. He’s the Chair of the House small business committee and yet Ohio for 60 straight months has failed to match the national job growth average.