It's Our Time

Congress never heard our voices because they see right through us. You're working two or even three jobs to care for your family? Not their problem. You’re a veteran struggling with health issues and the VA is not being responsive. They do nothing. You're a woman up against the glass ceiling?  Not their problem.  To them, to our Congressperson, we might as well be invisible.

But you are not invisible to me. That is why I am running. It is time for a woman to have a seat at the table so the conversation will change from partisan bickering to what matters to women, families, and our community.

-I  will fight for our children to have a healthy start, good schools, healthy, nutritious meals, safe communities, and toxic-free environments.  

-I will work non-stop to make sure that Congress' promise is kept to us that our  keeps its promise to air and water clean, our roads and bridges in good shape, and our homes and neighborhoods protected from natural disasters.

-I will seek to ease the burden of family caregivers and the suffering of their loved ones who can no longer care for themselves: the elderly and the disabled, the chronically ill, and the opiate-addicted.

-I will bring federal dollars back to support our region’s innovators and entrepreneurs, charities, and institutions because it is only through them that we can build a lasting prosperity that will benefit generations to come

-I will empower women in our community and in the law through mentorship and legislation. 

Unfortunately, our Congress - and Congressperson- is doing none of these.

Our Congressman has voted against health care to 23 million Americans, gutting food and nutrition programs, public education, eviscerating Head Start and valuable early education programs, eliminating Medicaid,and free internet access for all. He is against informative food labels, because, God forbid a mother should know what’s in the food she’s feeding her children. He does not see that a tax reform bill that saddles our children with 1.5 trillion dollars in debt is so wrong. 

Our Congressman doesn’t see us – or the devastating impact of anti-women, anti-family, and anti-progress policies on our lives. But we see it.  We see all of it. 

That’s why I’m here today. To change things. To get us moving in a different direction. To make our lives better. To have what matters to us matter in Congress

I'm Michele Young, and I know what it means to start from next to nothing. I came to Cincinnati on a Greyhound with barely any money in my pocket. I know what it means to be overlooked. To be ignored. To be dismissed. To be fired for turning down a pass.  To work as a waitress and a secretary in "pink collar" jobs. To be treated the way Congress has treated us and our families. I know what it means to be knocked down, and to come back. I am here for us. I’m not backing down. 

I hear you because we know each other. I see you because we live, work, shop and raise our children in the same district. And I am 100 percent committed to real change, the kind that will help make your life,and the lives of friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family, better. 

Like Bobby Kennedy, my political hero, I believe that our elected officials should endeavor to heal wounds, not open new ones. To appeal to – and inspire – the best in us, not the worst.

I'm Michele Young and after over 200 years, it's time for a Congresswoman with a mother's heart.