Why I Am Running. Why I Believe.

Twenty-five years ago, I took a Greyhound bus to our Queen City. Now, I have five children, a loving husband, and the American Dream. I know first-hand how hard it is to rise in America. I am the granddaughter of immigrants and the daughter of two public school teachers who loved our nation. I watched my parents work hard; my father worked days and nights so we would have a better life.

When I worked as a waitress or hatcheck "girl" or "temp" secretary, I would dream of a better life. This dream led me to take risks, because I believed anything was possible in America. I took an Amtrak to Washington, DC, to begin evening law school at Georgetown and a later took a Greyhound to Cincinnati to interview with a legendary Federal Judge.

Cincinnati is where all my dreams came true. Twenty-four years ago, I married Greg. Together, we worked hard to achieve the American Dream, building a business and raising a family. Our life is all I could imagine.

I could no longer stay on the sidelines this election. I believe in the American Dream. I believe in the American people. I hear of too many who feel left out and left behind. It is time for change and it takes an outsider, not a career politician, to have a fresh new approach and the energy and optimism to breathe new life into Congress.

I am a hard-working lawyer and mom of five. I will work as hard for you as I have for my own family. I will do all I can to open doors of opportunity to all of us. I will stand up to special interests. I will fight for campaign reform. I will fight to break the gridlock, end the corruption, and for a Congress that works effectively for us. My life tells me that with grit and determination, anything is possible, including my dreams for us, the people, and for Congress.

If I win, I will take a Greyhound bus back to D.C. for I never forgot where I came from and who I represent.

I believe in us. Join me.